Tombstone Tuesday - The First Ancestor

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tombstone of John Stoltz
Greenville Cemetery
Greenville, Ohio

While visiting the states this past November I was able to do a little genealogy.  It was like being a kid in a candy store.  First I went to the Garst Museum in Greenville, Ohio, my husband's hometown.  Now I am dreaming about the next time we can go on leave and get back to Greenville.  There was so many sources that I know will be valuable in researching my husband's genealogy.  There was obits up the galore on his family members and I did my best to copy as many as I could.  My Mother-in-Law took me around to several cemeteries to show me the one's she knew.  But I was after one gravesite in particular.  The grave of John Stoltz.  John Stoltz is the individual that started me down my journey of genealogy.  When I first started down this journey I did not know his name.  And it took a lot of digging.  I had a family story that an ancestor was Amish and was shunned for marrying a non-Amish and moved to Ohio.  It turns out this story is completely false but it lead me to this gravesite almost a year after starting my first genealogy inquiry.We went into the cemetery office and was given a  map and the locations of a couple Stoltz's but the graves were very old and there might not even be a marker.  The first site was another name in my search that I recognized.  Then we moved on to the lot in which John Stoltz's grave was. My husband started at one end and I started at the other.  After about 5 minutes he indicated that he might have found it.  And sure enough there was the headstone of John Stoltz, one of the pioneer's of Greenville, Ohio and his wife Susan M. (Horner) Stoltz.


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