Amanuensis Monday - Diary of a 16 Year Old - February

Monday, November 26, 2012

Continuing on with transcribing my Grandmother's Diary.  I'm finding this fascinating as the Wayne she is writing about is my Grandfather.

February 3 - Friday
Went to school nothing important happened.  Came home and got ready for a date.  Went to Burney to the ball game and saw Burney play a very bum game.  Went to Keines Restuarant and got some candy.  Came home just back of Earl Gommel.  Went to bed. (very ? about the ball game).

February 4 - Saturday. Snowed.
Got up. Got ready and went to Chas. Murphy's for the day.  Helped them butcher washed my hair after dinner, washed and set Jane's hair.  Came home and prepared for a chilli supper.  Had 2 people for supper. Danced and played games rest of evening.  Company left shortly before 12:00.  straightened up house and went to bed tired and happy.

February 5 - Sunday. Cold.
Got up and did not go to S.S. as the weather was too chilly.  In afternoon went to Gommel (wore Edwins boots) stayed there until eve.  Came home, got ready for big date.  Wayne came about 5:30 later we went to Greensburg to the show.  Came home and went to bed.

February 14 - Tuesday
Valentine's day.  Went to school in afternoon had a valentine box only got three valentines went home with the blues.  All though that I was mad at someone.  Went to bed.

February 19 - Sunday
Got up went to S.S.  From there to Uncle Raymonds ate dinner and cracked walnuts and hickory nuts afterwards.  Came home and prepared for big date.  Uncle Fred made ice cream.  Finally Wayne came and brought me a lovely box of chocolate.  Stayed home and ate popcorn, ice cream etc.  Went to bed about 12:00

February 26 - Sunday. Fair
Got up went to Sunday School.  Left right after classes.  Came home and then went to Sipples for dinner about 3:00.  Came home and prepared for date.  7:00 Wayne came we went to Columbus to show saw Constance Benett in "Rockaby"  came home and decided to quit each other for awhile (by ?) went to bed down hearted.

Very interested in seeing how this play's out in the future months.  I am biting at the nails to read ahead but I won't.  Next Monday is March.


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