Amanuensis Monday - Diary of a 16 Year Old - January

Monday, November 19, 2012

Diary of my Grandmother, Dolores (Shoaf) Boyer
at age 16 in 1933.

I am beginning to transcribe a diary of my Grandmother Dee's that she wrote when she was 16 year's old.  Reading it is fascinating.  I am recognizing many ancestors that I've researched by name.  It's amazing to read into the daily life and get to know these people.  I'm finding out amazing things about my grandma.  I never knew she played basketball or really much about her childhood.
Presented by Thomas Yeley
March 6, 1933
Dolores Shoaf, age 16
January 1 - Sunday, cold.
Stayed all night with Aunt Lillie got up and got breakfast.  Came home with Uncle Fred.  Gommel kids came down, danced, played cards.  At supper prepared for a date. Sat around and read until 9:30 having been stood up on the date.  Went to bed rightly out of humor.
January 2 - Monday, slightly cold.
Got up and started in school for the 2nd semester.  Not much happened out of the ordinary.
January 13 - Friday
Annabell & I got up and rushed around & ate our breakfast and got ready for school.  As I was coming down stairs I dropped Anna's watch and broke the crystal into a million pieces.  Went to school got three or four callings down can't remember which now and the entire day went wrong.  I can see that today isn't my lucky day.  came home got supper went to bed.
January 23 - Monday.  Like a spring day.
Got up and Tom was about ready to leave for his "adventure". Went to school. (sure hated to see him leave).  Everything went along fine came home and got supper.  Read and then sewed awhile.  Went to be quite early. (played basketball).
January 26 - Thursday. Lovely day.
Got up kinda early.  Yeley's came while I was washing dishes. (Uncle Fred was Butchering).  Went to school.  Nothing important happened.  Before noon I got sick and at noon I was excused & went home with Lola.  Was as sick as a dog. In eve, I felt better and came home & went to bed. (They killed fine hogs).
January 27 - Friday
Went to school, nothing important happened.  Came home and found out that Wayne wanted me to go to the Ball game with him.  A little later he came stayed a half an hour & left.  I got Supper and got ready.  Wayne came at 6:00 Gene, Wayne & I went after Dorothy Beason & onto Petersville to the Ball game.  Hope lost a bad game.  Went on to Gene's house and stayed there until 11:30 & came home and went to bed.
January 29 - Sunday
Got up went to S.S. came home and ate dinner.  Went to Gommels in afternoon.  Came home ate Supper and prepared for a big date.  Went to Moravian Church of Hope then to drug store for sodas came home, ate candy, popcorn & banana cake.  Went to bed about 12:00
Next Monday I will transcribe February.


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